Interior Design versus Interior Decoration

Gwenda Jones of Gwenda Jones Interiors.Midlands Regional Director of The Society of British Interior Design (SBID)interior design as opposed to Interior decoration

This is a subject very close to my heart & something I have had numerous discussions about over the years, since I first started my Degree Course in Interior Design in 1986.

I have given a couple of talks at InteriorsUK 2012, & KBB at the NEC, Birmingham on ‘The evolving role of the Interior Designer’ with another Industry Professional, & fellow member of The Society of British Interior Design, Diana Cellela.

The slides from the presentations are here for you to view and comment upon.


The video of the seminar is also available to see on the Highlights from the InteriorsUK 2012 Seminar Programme.

I hope you gain more insight into the very different roles a professionally qualified Interior Designer & an Interior Decorator play,  within the as yet, unregulated UK Interior Design Industry!

About Gwenda Jones

Gwenda Jones is owner of Gwenda Jones Interiors, a professionally qualified Interior Designer specialising in retail, commercial & residential interiors. Gwenda Jones is Midlands Regional Director of The Society of British Interior Design (SBID)
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2 Responses to Interior Design versus Interior Decoration

  1. That’s a really interesting distinction that I hadn’t been aware of until you mentioned it – design vs decoration. I guess I’d have to be the decorator then, much as I dislike that!

    • Gwenda Jones says:

      Hi, I think the distinction is very important to the individual & to clients-but it does not necessarily mean being a ‘decorator’ is something to ‘dislike’.
      If you are clear & upfront to both your clients & yourself, then I think there is no issue. If you are somewhat ‘deluded’ to your individual skills, experience & capabilities-then ‘there may be trouble ahead’ -for both decorators & qualified designers in this unregulated territory! But there is also the ability to learn, master & further educate oneself to a recognised Industry level if you feel the need to be a qualified Professional Interior Designer!
      Regards Gwenda

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